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Stepping into Leadership


Stepping into Leadership

Funded by: PIRSA through the Ag Excellence Alliance

Are you an emerging leader looking for leadership training and support to step into leadership roles in your industry, community or business? Yes – then this program is for you!

Aimed at women in agriculture and agribusiness the program provides professional development to build personal leadership skills. Ongoing support will be provided through individual coaching, mentoring and webinars.

This program changed my life! I approach everything in a new way and I’m so glad I did this when I’m at the beginning of my career in Ag.” Cassie Dickson, past participant.

For more information contact Jeanette on 0438 373993 or Sharon on 0438 322254.

Grain and Graze 3

Grain and Graze 3

Funded by: GRDC managed by Ag Excellence Alliance

Building on the success of Grain and Graze 2, Grain and Graze 3 will focus on three major farming practices:

  • Farmers grazing of crops and stubbles to optimise business and production risk and increase profits.
  • Better management of crops and pastures (within) a rotation to improve crop and livestock production.
  • Farmers making informed decisions about farm business mix that best meets their needs.

Ag Consulting Co are involved in all aspects of this project in East South Australia. Jeanette Long is project managing on behalf of Ag Excellence Alliance.

GRDC Extension Adoption Training and Support Program

GRDC Extension Adoption Training and Support Program

Funded by: GRDC

Applications are now open for the 2016 intake of this exciting program – the flier can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

This project builds the skills of experienced advisers and researchers in adoption, extension, evaluation and communication processes. It aims to reduce the time frame from from research to farmer practice change.

Eight advisers per year will be selected to participate in the program which includes

  • A three day workshop in Canberra where participants develop a comprehensive understanding of GRDC and build skills and knowledge in personality types, adoption, evaluation and extension theory and frameworks.
  • A three day field tour providing exposure to new technology and research as well as an opportunity to apply the theory discussed in Canberra.
  • Webinars to further develop skills and discuss learning and outcomes.
  • Mentoring and coaching with the project team

Participants will develop an action plan and apply their learnings in the field as well as mentoring a younger member of the industry. An ongoing network will provide the opportunity to continue sharing skills and knowledge amongst the group post training.


2011 John Stuchbery, Greg Condon, Simon Falkiner, Terry Horan, Paul Bruest, David Watson, Peter Cousins, Trent Potter & Rob Launder

2012 Mark Stanley, Chris Duff, Brenden Green, Felicity Turner, Catherine Paterson, Robert Patterson, Jim Cronin & Shane Oster

2013 Kent Wooding, Tim Condon, Mark Harris, Judy Bellati, Felicity Pritchard, Bob Ronald, Leighton Wilksch & Bruce Larcombe.

As essential as agricultural research and development is, the way in which R&D outcomes have been delivered to farmers can be hit or miss. That's partly due to a lack of appropriate training for those who deliver the R&D message.

GRDC Stubble Project

GRDC Stubble Project


Maintaining profitable farming systems with retained stubble on Yorke Peninsula and the mid North of South Australia

This GRDC funded project aims to research

  • Management of the harvest process to produce stubble with the required characteristics as well as management of stubble over summer and early autumn to obtain stubble that can have a range of crops established successfully.
  • Systems to successfully establish crops including inter row seeding.
  • Weed management systems to determine the most appropriate way to get adequate weed control in stubble retention systems.
  • Pest and disease management systems will be evaluated. This will include liquid systems for applying insecticide into the sowing row.
  • The strategic management of stubble by removal to develop benchmarks and soil health, including the effect of stubble removal in one year in a stubble retention system.