Are you an emerging leader looking for training and support to step into leadership roles in your industry, community or business?

Stepping into Leadership may be the program for you! It’s a professional development program building personal leadership skills. It provides coaching, mentoring, webinars and workshops.

Targeting women in South Australian agriculture and agribusiness, the program is funded by Primary Industries and Regions SA.

Now in it’s fifth year there is the added bonus of joining the Alumni, a group of passionate, supportive and enthusiastic women who have participated in previous years.

Inspirational and experienced facilitators, Jeanette Long of Ag Consulting Co and Sharon Honner of Spectra Coaching, deliver the program.

What to expect

  • A two day workshop on September 7th and 8th will be held at the Handorf Resort, we will join for a casual dinner after day 1. If you wish to stay accommodation is available on site.
  • Three one-on-one coaching sessions with Jeanette or Sharon
  • A one day mentoring workshop in Feb 2017. Dinner with the mentors the evening prior to the workshop provides the opportunity to meet all of the mentors and catch up with other participants.
  • Three Webinars/teleconferences will be held on various topics throughout the program.
  • A one day final workshop in June 2017 followed by a Networking event that evening to celebrate the success of the participants.

What past participants say

An awesome program which I will recommend to others. Life changing in a positive way.” 

“The most wonderful part of this course was that it was not a “one size fits all” approach. We had time to actually look at the self and how that influences our ideas and values. The time with coaches and mentors was essential to push that bit further.”  

“A wonderful group of women who participated will become a future support network and source of connections and information within the industry.”

The program is managed by Ag Consulting Co through the Ag Excellence Alliance.

To apply – click here

For more information contact Jeanette Long 0438 373993 

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