Mentors and mentees of the 2015 'Stepping into Leadership' program

Mentors and mentees of the 2015 'Stepping into Leadership' program

A celebration of rural women and leadership was held on June 11th at the King Head in Adelaide.

The evening represented a culmination of a 12 month program, Stepping into Leadership, for 12 rural women from across SA.

Funded by Primary Industries and Regions SA, Jeanette Long and Sharon Honner from Ag Consulting Co delivered the program on behalf of by Ag Excellence Alliance.

This year is the third year of the program which has provided training for 39 dedicated women from regions across South Australia including Kangaroo Island, Mallee, Mid North, South East, Eyre Peninsula and Adelaide Hills.

Jeanette Long said the program aims to develop the skills and confidence of the women to take on leadership roles in their business, industry and communities.

“They represent a diverse number of industries including agribusiness, livestock, horticulture, cropping, viticulture, working both on and off farm.”

The 2014/15 program included two days of training, coaching with Jeanette or Sharon, webinars, a peer-to-peer mentoring program and a final workshop and networking event.

Sharon Honner said this was the first year the mentoring component has been included in the program.

“The mentoring recognised the collective experience from the first and second group of participants, who were offered the opportunity to participate in further training to become mentors for the third group.

Yung Nietschke, participant in the 2013/14 program and mentor to one of this years participants said this was an important way to keep the program self-sustainable beyond the timeframe of the course.

“There are many definitions of leadership and many disagreements about what it means. This course has given us the vital tools and strategies to define our own path towards leadership, whether it be in our business, industry, community or personal life,” she said.


For more information contact Sharon Honner, Ag Consulting Co 0438 322254